I have been a member of the gym since September 2012. Coming to the gym has changed my life in a positive way. For someone who is on a fixed income, it is a blessing that the gym is free and open to the public. I have a lot of health issues and the gym has really impacted my life as well as others. I really enjoy coming daily. When I started out I could barely get around but thanks to Coach, James Jeffery who worked with me and did not give up on me, I have now lost 60lbs. I started out at 220lbs. Since then, I have been able to get off some of my meds and I am not taking as many pains meds as when I started. I would like to say thanks to the staff at the Roadmap for all they do, and a special thanks to Coach whom makes the gym so much fun.

– Mary Henderson

Before: 370lbs • After: 260lbs • Lost: 110 lb

I moved back to Mississippi to take care of family members who were ill. I topped the scale at 370 pounds.  I had high cholesterol and was on the verge of being diabetic. I was tired. I felt like I was merely existing in life rather than living life. But, most of all I wasn’t happy with my appearance and I didn’t feel good about myself. In 2012, I joined the gym at the Mississippi Roadmap. Through hard work and dedication I was able to drop 110 pounds. It was a long and difficult journey but I was determined to not to be the big guy who wasn’t excited about life. I’m currently 260 pounds and I’m continuing to lose more. The weight lost has changed my life around. I feel good about myself; I’m comfortable with the way I look. Thanks to my new found confidence, I have been able to gain employment and I’m being to become social. I am so grateful for the Roadmap especially with the cost. You can’t go anywhere else and pay five dollars a year for a gym. I was unemployed when I first started; it’s nice that they thought about people who have financial issue to keep the cost so low. I even know of several times when people were unable to pay that they let them join for free.  I am grateful to the Roadmap and its staff. They allowed me the chance to become healthy in a safe and caring environment. 



Lost 52 lbs

Lost 52 lbs

I started coming to the gym in 2012. I was one of those girls who thought if I’d lose weight, then I would lose my curves. I like being thick but thick doesn’t mean out of shape or being unhealthy. I started with just exercise and lost a couple of pounds. Then I began thinking well if I eat somewhat right then I can only imagine how much weight I would lose.  Sure enough I began working out and eating right and the weight melted off. Over an eight month period I was able to lose about thirty pounds. My clothes fit better and I feel like a brand new women. It was hard but anything that is good for you normally is hard.

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